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  • Nationally acclaimed Life Coaching and Dating Boutique for divorced women who are ready to become confident, conscious daters 

  • Designed to increase emotional intelligence & relationship literacy with newly learned tools and skills

  • Methods and techniques aimed at raising collective consciousness 

  • Clients become students of compatibility honoring their unique authentic self 

  • Results driven Series leading to compatible connections, long term relationships & marriage 

Your best resource for finding authentic true love.  

Things have changed dramatically out in the dating world. Meeting great guys (and they’re out there) doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing LONG process.

Are you feeling …

*Do you know what type of men are right for you?

*Do you know what questions to ask to find out? 

Let us help you!


  •  We guarantee our Services. 

  • We have your secrets to finding true compatibility.

  • You have nothing to loose but your single status.

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Client Testimonial:

“Working with Coach Bernadette has been truly life changing.  Words alone can’t adequately describe my personal experience and new life! I am a new person thanks to Bernadette’s generosity, caring, and love for her clients and her work. Not only has awakened in me my authentic – beautiful self, she makes us see that the ball is always in our court!

She’s helped me understand who I am, what I love, need, and value so I can be my most authentic self in any relationship.  It’s such a joy to work with Bernadette.  She showed me how to embrace a “fun, light and flirty” life!”

Client – Deborah Tray, Blue Bell PA

Completed The 5 Secret Laws of Compatible Attraction Series


Hire an Expert who did it for herself and hundreds of other divorced women.


My clients report feeling inspired, more confident and empowered knowing what they want, need, and love.  
They also attract healthy and available men. Many fall in “Real Love” for the very first time and join in marriage. 


Coming Spring 2018 my first book! Stay tuned!