♥  Newly divorced wondering how to get into the dating scene? 

♥ Tired of feeling lonely on Saturday Nights?

♥ Want to feel fantastic about yourself and meet quality men?

♥ Ready to become the Master of your own dating destiny and never settle?

♥ Here’s How to Begin and End your Search!

 ♥5 Secret Laws of Compatible Attraction♥

You can’t swipe right for this!

Attract the Love of Your Life 

Raise Your EQ Emotional Intelligence and IQ Irresistible Quotient!

 ♥ Using These 5 Secret Laws of Collective Consciousness 

If you could meet that one special guy within the next 5 weeks, how  much would that be worth to you?

The intention of this Signature Series is for you to get to know yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way so you can center your life around who and what matters most.

This Series will forever change the way you go about dating. Using your unique 5 Secret Laws of Compatible Attraction, we’ll transform your dating mindset, get you in front of like minded men while training you in The Art of the Question so you can effortlessly identify ONLY potential compatible partners before dating them. Sound too good to be true? We guarantee our Services. When you complete this 5 week training, you’ll recognize compatible partners in 30 seconds or less.

These 5 Secret Laws are the true secrets to compatible attraction. Like attracts like but do you know your 5 key compatible traits that lead to authentic connections? This IS the fast track to giving up your single status. 

Bad picker? This Series is for you.

♥Benefits- Answers & Secrets♥ 

  • DISCOVER 5 Secrets about yourself you never knew 
  • OVERCOME anxiety as you re-enter the dating scene
  • BECOME your own Million Dollar Matchmaker
  • MASTER the Art of Connecting with like-minded men 
  • GO to all the right places to meet your type
  • ASK all the right questions to recognize potential partners
  • LEARN 1 simple tool to get into that relationship you’re waiting for
  • UNLIMITED EMAIL support between sessions. Your personal coach for 5 week
  • IDENTIFY potential mates without being direct or invasive
  • MEET ONLY compatible partners before dating them  
  • GAIN confidence boosting your relationship knowledge and competence
  • SIDESTEP 3 massive dating mistakes women make all the time 
  • CONSERVE your best marketing years avoiding Mr. Wrongs
  • DISCOVER 1 simple tool to eliminate bad dates and bad matches
  • ELIMINATE limiting beliefs that stand between you and like-minded men
  • DISCOVER 3 things you need to know before becoming monogamous
  • BECOME irresistibly attractive using the lost Art of Flirting
  • DEVELOP  a Mindful Mindset having full control of your dating destiny 
  • LOVE your life and your new way of modern dating from the inside out!

♥Client Testimonial♥

“Bernadette’s an expert delivering The 5 Secret Laws of Compatible Attraction. Each session detailed what drove me into relationships that never worked out.  This confident boosting training quickly guides you into recognizing, meeting and qualifying like-minded men to date and get to know better. Before our work was completed, I met my compatible partner! I now have a busier social calendar, new friends and a wonderful guy that I would have never met if I didn’t work with Bernadette.  This telling unique experience is what all women need before dating after divorce, a loss of a loved one or just tired of being single! I’m getting it right this time!” -Dreanna, age 47 Orlando, FL 

Not sure if this Series is for you? Schedule a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Session. In one brief phone call, let us answer any questions you might have and allow us to learn more about you and your unique situation. 


5 Week LIVE Online Dating Success Series 

Hire Your Very Own Online Dating Matchmaker! 

Seek, Sort and Select Your Ideal Match Online 

Did you know one in five relationships starts on an online dating site? If  you are not using online dating as a vehicle to meeting more men, you are selling yourself short. 

This expert performs “live” online dating sessions showing you how to be cyber savvy and cyber secure. Little straightforward guidance exists for users. Hiring a professional is every online dater’s solution to getting offline and into a compatible loving relationship that lasts.

This Online Dating Matchmaker will show you how to beat the completion with a winning profile, descriptive tagline, and connecting strategies that allow you to be authentic, fun, lite, and flirty making great connections with only compatible men. Our goal is to have you get off line as quickly as possible. 

Want to discover how NOT to waste the first 7 seconds of a first impression? This Series is for you. 

It’s not the Site ladies! Photo Tips If you’re not meeting 2 great guys a week, you need to reboot. Online dating may be a  numbers game, however, once you learn how to master it, you’ll quickly turn your love life around and meet that one special guy.  This Online Dating Matchmaker comes from personal experience. Today she lives a life beyond her wildest imagination with match #68 from eHarmony.

Let us help you “tell your story” create your “Personal brand” putting your best “face” forward! Tips From Male Online Daters   Great guys are online and they’re waiting to meet you! 

This Series provides a solid foundation for successfully navigating the highly stressful online dating world! It’s not difficult to become a Master at online dating. Let us show you how in only 5 weeks!

You’ll receive very specific step-by-step instructions from an expert who not only found her husband online but helps single women just like you every day. Let us show you how to have your last first date! We promise a totally new way to approach online dating while making it fun, lite and flirty with results.

  ♥Benefits of the Seek, Sort, and Select Series♥

  • UNLIMITED EMAIL support between sessions. Your personal coach for 5 weeks.
  • CHOOSING a site and what to do when you get there. 
  • RECOGNIZE only like-minded men using our effective elimination process.
  • INTRODUCING Yourself and Getting Dates  
  • INSTANTLY recognize “red flags” and “tags” sorting through profiles.
  • AVOID dating traps and men that misrepresent themselves online.
  • LEARN our rapid “Search Strategy” saving you time and money.
  • UNDERSTAND Men vs. Women.
  • LEARN effective email exchange and conversation techniques for results you want.
  • MANAGE disappearing acts.
  • PICTURES determine outcomes. Know what men really look for.
  • DON’T be overlooked. Use a descriptive Username men can relate to.
  • CREATE a compelling profile & attract the guys you want and repel the rest. 
  • STOP old dating patterns that keep you stuck. Become a better picker. 
  • UNCOVER your compatible “Must Have” traits for intimacy. 
  • LEARN the best “safety” rules all online dating women must know.
  • RECEIVE first date and exit strategy advice.
  • DISCOVER how to beat the competition.
  • IDENTIFY potential mates quickly mastering the Art of the Question.

♥Client Testimonial♥

“Never tried online dating before but Coach Bernadette’s guidance, advice, and encouragement made the experience rewarding and exciting. Don’t believe what your friends tell you about online dating! This expert knows the tricks to this trade. Learn how to speed past the undesirables and get in front of men that would be great for you. Her super effective email exchanges are priceless and very telling about matches! My inbox was full, and I did my own shopping for what I wanted! Loving the Seek-Sort&Select process!”  – Lauren, age 53, Doylestown, PA

If you’re not sure how to ease your online dating frustrations or weak in the knees about meeting men online, let’s have a conversation to see if we can help. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session.  In one brief phone call, let us answer any questions you might have and allow us to learn more about you and your unique situation.    



Not meeting the right men online? That’s because you NOT thinking like a man! One thing we know for sure at Compatible Connections is that men are visual and will look at your pictures first! Stop getting looked over get your digital dating presence noticed for all the right reasons. Meet your “type” and get off line! That’s what we do best!

♥ Profile Consult ♥
30 Minutes @ $75

Start meeting at least 2 or 3 compatible partners a week with our new approach. Discover what’s in your way of meeting great guys for you and how to fix it. This is an opportunity for you to turn around your entire online dating experience! Have a Certified Digital Dating Expert give you a fresh new look so you can get off line and into that relationship you deserve. This expert shows you how to “think like a man” so you can quickly meet like-minded men that are great for you!

Have unanswered questions about our profile & photo consultation service?  Schedule a Discovery Session.  In one brief phone call, let us answer any questions you might have and allow us to learn more about you and your unique situation.



♥ Profile Consult & Photo Reboot 
1 Hour @ $99

If you are feeling frustrated and disappointed with your online dating experience, don’t give up! Most online daters over-think this very simple process and end up believing online dating can’t work for them.  One in five relationships starts on an online dating site, but little straightforward guidance exists for users. In only one hour we can help you enhance your profile and change your entire online dating experience. Are you beginning your profile sentences with the word “I”?   Did you take your own profile photo with a smartphone?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, please reach out to us!    

Not sure if this service is for you?  Have unanswered questions about our profile consultation services? Schedule a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Session.  In one brief phone call, let us answer any questions you might have and allow us to learn more about you and your unique situation.



 ♥ Complete Profile Makeover 
 ♥ Profile Creation From Scratch 

Let us share your personality through the power of words so

Mr. Right can find you! $150

Have an online profile but not getting quality dates? It’s because Mr. Right can’t find you. Your profile needs to tell your story using your unique personal Brand. 

Avoid the mistakes made by 90 percent of online daters.  Let us create a profile that captures your uniqueness so you can stand out from the crowd. Your profile needs to speak to Mr. Right so he can find you. 

We have the right ingredients needed to pitch your personalized script. Think of it as your very own shop window. Everything that sits in your shop window needs to work hard to draw in the right male shopper to you.

Not sure if this service is for you?  Have unanswered questions about our profile consultation services? Schedule a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Session.  In one brief phone call, let us answer any questions you might have and allow us to learn more about you and your unique situation.





♥Thriving Through Divorce and Beyond♥

Life after divorce is about the hero’s journey and using a time of transition as an entry point into creating a richer, more meaningful life. Whether you’re celebrating a new decade, feathering an empty nest, embracing midlife, or hungry to feel more alive, or taking on the challenge of dating after a decade, we’ll visit the challenges and opportunities that show up along the way.  

 Using a combination of thought-provoking conversations, experiential

exercises, and coaching, we’ll explore topics like:

* The call to find and express a more authentic version of yourself.

* Crafting a personal path of development that will serve you on your journey.

*Handling change with grace and ease.

*Finding peace and meaning while in limbo.

*Responding to the desire for more aliveness.

* Lovingly changing the behaviors, habits, and patterns that keep you stuck.

* The importance of cultivating deep, nurturing relationships with people who align with your Core Values.


Not all “Coaches” are Certified. Work with a Board Certified Coach.

Bernadette M. Smith is Certified by the International Coach Federation.

 Call Us Now! 215-968-4694

♥Benefits of Coaching♥

  • Enhances your life

  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges

  • Enhanced decision making skills

  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness 

  • Increased confidence

  • Improvement in productivity

  • Satisfaction with life and work

  • Attainment of relevant goals


“As a psychologist who works with people at all stages of life, I see enormous value when they have the opportunity to work with Coach Bernadette Smith. Her excellent coaching techniques and abilities support women personally, professionally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually as they shift their focus and purpose to create personal goals. Bernadette moves them along their path instilling confidence, self assurance and a realistic view of where they have been and where they want to go.” J Ross, PH.D. Cherry Hill, NJ 


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